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Central District Officiating

Central District Officiating Websites

For additional information on local seminars and officiating contacts, here are the links to each Affiliate's officiating webpage:


MidWest (Iowa, Kansas (including Kansas City, MO), and Nebraska)



Central District Officiating Staff

For questions about registration, certification, and local officiating program matters, please contact your Affiliate Referee-in-Chief or USA Hockey State Supervisor listed below:

Illinois Supervisor of Officials - Brad Baumruck

MidWest (Iowa, Kansas, including Kansas City, MO, and Nebraska) Supervisor of Officials - Russ Coll

Missouri Supervisor of Officials - Hardy Woodward

Wisconsin Supervisor of Officials -  Mike DeLong

District Personnel

District Referee-in-Chief - Tim Richter 

District Female Officiating Coordinator - Erika Greenen

District Evaluation Coordinator - Mark Pecoraro

District Webmasters - Brad Baumruck & Brett Straley